A Business Management Program at the ICT University of Cameroon

It has been officially released by the administration of the american based school of ICT in Cameroon that new field of studies in management and development have been opened.




It is the case of the business management program now available at the campus of Messassi in Yaounde. The new course is a given opportunity for many future manager of enterprises in Cameroon and worldwide.




Registrations for the next academic year are opened till October 15, 2021 in Messassi, Yaounde where the university campus is situated.








The ICT University prides itself on offering an intimate, cutting edge campus environment disposing of all resources essential for producing tomorrow’s leading ICT experts, technopreneurs, renewable energy engineers, and business managers. The university has also created collaborations, partnerships and exchange agreements with leading US, African and other international institutions that further enrich the academic, social and cultural diversity of our campus.



For more details on applications, tuition fees and other relevant information follow the links below or call directly:

For calls: (+237) 651 06 00 49


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