At Closing of National Solidarity & Social Entrepreneurship Week: Councils Pledge to Support MINAS in Empowering Vulnerable Groups

Social Affairs Minister, Pauline Irene Nguene saluted efforts put in place by the united councils and cities of Cameroon, to empower people living with disabilities.

The 7th edition of the National Solidarity and Social Entrepreneurship Week dropped curtains on Wednesday, 17th of January 2024, in Yaounde with the handing-over of equipment and material support for the socio-economic integration of vulnerable groups.

More than 100 persons living with disabilities, PWDs selected from the Centre, Littoral, South-West, North-West, West, and East regions, and who have been upskilled in some vocational fields received support from a program set within the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Orange Foundation.

Director of institutional affairs at Orange Cameroon, Alain Blaise Batongue said the telecommunications company stands beside the government to support the needy and will enhance its actions in the days ahead.

Mr. Batongue cited some key actions undertaken so far by the Orange Foundation in Betamba, Eseka, Buea, and other enclaved zones where vulnerable groups are in dire need of support.

On his part, the president of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon and Mayor of the Yaounde 7 council, Augustin Tamba said several laudable initiatives have been implemented to empower people living with disabilities in Cameroon.

He said councils have elaborated inclusive programs and at the level of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon over 200 PWDs have been supported with some little income-generating activities.

Mr. Tamba in his speech said the National Solidarity and Social Entrepreneurship Week is an open door for councils to highlight activities directed towards vulnerable persons and invited the Minister of Social Affairs to sign a convention with the institution he leads.

 To officially close the one-week event, Social Affairs Minister, Mrs. Pauline Irene Nguene said people living with disabilities and vulnerable groups in general need to be trained, empowered, and supported for the development of the nation.

The patroness of Social Affairs in Cameroon outlined the tremendous activities undertaken by the government notably through some programs and directives of the Head of State, Paul Biya.

Mrs. Pauline Irene Nguene praised with a favorable response the initiative of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon to sign a convention with her ministerial department.

Minister Nguene went further to emphasize on social investment and described it as a crucial tool for human capital and sustainable development.

She said the empowerment of socially vulnerable groups appears as an operational strategy with the newly set up multi-year program for creating communal social cooperatives that will boost the socio-economic insertion and self-employment of these target groups.

At the end of the event, Mrs. Makembe Gisele, Director of “Home Ateliers”, a specialized center of the Ministry of Social Affairs based in Douala, Littoral region, expressed satisfaction for the support and said thanks to the newly acquired materials many young girls living with disabilities will be trained.

The 7th edition of the National Solidarity and Social Entrepreneurship Week (SESES) had several activities on its one-week agenda and was equally marked by the launch of a National Solidarity Fund.

The National Solidarity Fund was launched during an intersectoral meeting chaired by Mrs. Pauline Irene Nguene on January 15, 2024, at the Yaounde Starland Hotel.

In her launching speech, Minister Pauline Irène NGUENE highlighted actions carried out by her ministerial department in line with national solidarity and emphasized on the fact that particular attention has to be paid to every social target given their specificity and different levels of vulnerability to leave no one behind.

 The putting in place of a National Solidarity Fund will give the government a tool for human development and care for socially vulnerable persons to contribute to their development.

The one-week event launched on January 10, 2024, was placed under the theme: “Disability and Inclusion”.

Elise Kenimbeni

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