At Installation of MINAS Officials: Social Workers Have Been Described as Agents of Dev’t for Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups

Newly appointed officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs were installed into their duties on Friday 14th of July 2023.

Credit photo: Cellcom MINAS

One of the banquet halls of the Yaounde multipurpose sports complex played host on Friday, 14th of July 2023 to the official installation of some newly appointed staff of the ministry of social affairs, MINAS.

The ceremony chaired by Minister Pauline Irene Nguene, social affairs patroness in Cameroon, was divided into two phases.

The first phase was that of the award of honorary distinctions and the second was focused on the installation into duties of some officials.

Implementing government policies

In her address, Minister Pauline Irene Nguene outlined the fact that the new appointments come at a moment the Ministry of social affairs just like other ministerial departments and public institutions are bracing up for challenges to fully implement the 2030 National Development Strategy, NDS that has among its main pillars, human capital, and well-being.

Taking advantage of this official ceremony, Madam Nguene reiterated the need for her all collaborators to be informed and updated on the key missions of the Ministry of social affairs notably the elaboration and setting up of government’s policy in terms of prevention, assistance, and protection of socially vulnerable groups.

Minister Nguene said to fully execute directives assigned to the Ministry of social affairs by the Head of State, the social worker has to position himself or herself as an agent of development, a catalyst of progress for the inclusion of socially vulnerable persons.

The Minister did not fail to encourage her collaborators who were appointed on May 26, 2023, following a decree from the Prime Minister, Head of government.

She called on her collaborators to be devoted, professional, and available when the need arises.

The posts occupied by the newly appointed officials are that of: Technical Adviser number 1, Inspector number 2, Director in charge of national solidarity and social development, Director in charge of social protection, of persons with disabilities and the elderly, Director in charge of social protection and children, sub-directors, chiefs of services.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Nyambi III Dikosso Henri, newly appointed Technical Adviser number 1 said he is aware of the handful of challenges but he is ready to work to show proof of confidence bestowed on him.

“I know the challenges are too high because we have to suggest to our Minister the best strategies, proposals for the ministry to achieve expected performances. With our diversified careers in the field and experience acquired at the level of central services, we have certainly a good knowledge of various problems that socially vulnerable group face in our country…” Mr. Nyambi III said.

The Director in charge of social protection, of persons with disabilities and the elderly, also expressed words of gratitude to her hierarchy and said it is a new challenge to be uplifted. Mrs. Ndengho Maurine who was before her appointment, inspector number 2 has a rich background and experience.

Mrs. Ndengho said: “The department which I am heading now is taking care of persons with disabilities and the elderly. I think it is a good course to work for humanity, I even think this new post will greatly help me and direct my path of life. Working with these vulnerable groups and helping them put a smile on their faces, leading them to face the world and its challenges is another form of appreciating life. I am very happy and thankful. I think all is grace. It is a grace of God to serve humanity.”

Missions of MINAS

The Ministry of Social Affairs has as key missions:  the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and social maladjustment; the fight against social exclusion in conjunction with the ministries concerned;  the fight against trafficking in persons, in particular minor children, in conjunction with the Administrations concerned; the protection of people who are victims of physical abuse; monitoring procedures for the protection of children in difficulty in conjunction with the relevant Ministerial Departments;  monitoring the protection of persons victims of human trafficking in conjunction with the Administrations concerned; monitoring the elderly and persons with disabilities, in conjunction with the relevant Ministries; monitoring of people affected by the use of narcotics, in conjunction with the administrations concerned and facilitating social reintegration.

Elise Kenimbeni

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