Cameroon’s Circb in quest of better perspectives for its staff

The third extra ordinary session of the management committee of the Chantal Biya international reference center known as CIRCB in its French acronym took place on November 03 2015 in Yaounde-cameroon


Contrary to the usual ordinary sessions that are held within the Chanatal Biya international reference center here in yaounde, Cameroon it has been an extra ordinary session with point of focus on the working conditions of the staff of the house. The issue that has persisted over the past years has been centered as main point on discussions for the first time. What has been described by staff of the house as minor problem has drawn attention.

Jean Stephane Mbiatcha, President of the management committee alongside some other twelve board members notably the Director of this institution had examined the lone and key issue of the day. Jean Stephane Mbiatcha said several points have been tabled and a brighter perspective is envisaged with regard to this question. Staff and overall workers of the house will soon smile as greater expectations are underway. He outlined at trhe end of the over three hours meeting that the CIRCB is paving the way to better perspectives and development. What is new are the numerous challenges that are to be braced up with regard to the researches carried out on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

There is therefore the quest for better results and further researches in this institution that bears the ideologies and challenges of cameroon’s first lady, Chantal Biya in eradicating HIV/AIDS in our country.

The management committee of the Chantal Biya international reference center was created in May 2013 by Presidential decree with a total of twelve members who have the role to follow up activities of the center.


By Elise Kenimbeni

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