Denis Nkwebo is to lead journalists’ interests for the next three years

Denis Nkwebo and some ten other members of the Cameroon Journalists’ trade union have to uplift challenges of the media landscape for the next three years.


The long awaited congress of the Cameroon Journalists’ trade union (CJTU) took place on Saturday 31 October 2015 in Douala, economic city of Cameroon. Over a hundred participants answered present to this move of CJTU that intends to intensify its fights in leading to a good standard the numerous interests of journalists.

The numerous problems to which Cameroonian journalists are confronted have been outlined once more through the speeches made by key guests such as Jean Marc Bikoko, president of one main syndicate in the country, Haman Mana, the Managing editor of “Le Jour” newspaper and Alex Gustave Zebaze, one of the pioneer fathers of CJTU. In fact, there is need for immediate action as outlined by the various guest speakers. The situation to which journalists mostly of the private media are exposed is alarming. “No doubt, the system put in place has favoured such move and many journalists today have turned to paupers in order to survive” said Mr Zebaze. Immediate action as outlined equally by Denis Nkwebo while making his speech as outgoing leader of the trade union which he has been spearheading for the past months as interim after the departure of Felix Ebole Bola. Contrary to his predecessor, Denis Nkwebo has gained the heart of many through his recent activities and actions. He said CJTU is not competing with other syndicates and has her own objectives and missions. The problem of press card highlighted by the ministry of communication is one of the issues that CJTU is fighting against and of course has announced its position.” No to the press card”! The president announced and said the trade union is not ready to collaborate with the ministry of communication its manipulation.

Well known for his fighting spirit, courage and decision making Denis Nwebo, fervent journalist for the past twenty years works for the private daily “Le Jour”, through his writings and hard tone he has distinguished himself in the media landscape. He just liked some ten others have a hard piece to bite in the syndicate with regard to the current challenges.

Marion Mahel Obam, the first lady of CJTU has as main task to promote gender equality notably for women journalists in news rooms often threatened. She is once again the Vice-president in charge of gender. Besides, Hilaire Ham Ekwe, was elected as vice-president in charge of international relations, Mathieu Nathanael Njog, Secretary general, Joseph Olinga Ndoa was elevated to the post of Secretary for the organization and mobilization of the syndicate, Paul Joel Kamtchang, Deputy secretary general in charge of the trade union action, Monique Ngo Mayang, secretary general of the center regional bureau makes her great entry into the national executive bureau as treasurer, Charles Nforgang was reconducted as national secretary of communication and alerts. New comers are equally Rita Diba, the secretary for judicial matters, Carole Yemelong, secretary for training and observatory and Franklin Kamtche is the accountant of the trade union.

The eleven man team has three good years to battle and upgrade the level and status of journalists in Cameroon.

By Elise Kenimbeni

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