High Council of Cameroonians Abroad Donates 5000 Dollars Check to Fight Against Covid-19

As the fight against the novel coronavirus keeps intensifying worldwide, governments, non-governmental organizations, associations and community groups have multiplied strategies that can help to tackle the pandemic. It is the case of the high council of Cameroonians abroad (HCCA), American branch who handed over a 5000 Dollars’ check to the Cameroonian Ambassador in the United States.

Ambassador Henri Etoundi Essomba, representative of Cameroon’s Head of State in the United States of America played host on July 24, 2020 to the delegation of HCCA led by its president, Dr Samuel Dongmo alongside Dr Richard Mbakop and Marilyn Bekima, vice president and secretary general of this association respectively.

Couple to the check worth 5000 Dollars, the high council of Cameroonians abroad donated a packet of 250 face masks to be used by the staff of the embassy.

According to the secretary general of the HCCA, this gesture enters within the framework of the Diaspora’s response campaign against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Marilyn Bekima said: “The Ambassador was impressed and said we were the first to donate funds for such an initiative. He said he was happy to know that there was a group of Cameroonians in the United States that he could count on. We presented him the High Council and he promised to schedule a technical working session with us when social distancing restrictions will be lifted. A list of all contributors was equally given with the check”


As indicated by its founding members, the High Council of Cameroonians Abroad (HCCA) created on the 22nd of May 2019, is the umbrella organization of the Cameroonian Diaspora in the world. It is intended to be a federating structure of organizations of Cameroonians living abroad with an advisory body of an associative, non-political, secular, non-discriminatory, and non-profit nature. The HCCA Global is governed by the Law n ° 90/053 of December 19, 1990 on freedom of association in Cameroon.

Founded by the Diaspora in order to fulfil the aspirations of Cameroonians living around the world, this association has been very active and has engaged itself on issues affecting young people in the country and abroad as well as intervening in the Anglophone crisis rocking the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. In the same line, the HCCA has been working equally with the Cameroon association of victims of ambazonia terrorism (CAVAT).



Elise Kenimbeni

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