Int’l Association Sekteura Replenishes Essos’ Nusery school, Promises More Beneficial Actions

The association Sekteura launched in Yaounde, Cameroon a 3.500 Euro project geared towards the restoration of government’s nursery school of Essos.

As part of its numerous activities, the charitable association known as Sekteura has recently renovated in Yaounde, infrastructures of the government nursery school of “Essos marché”.

The rehabilitation works launched on the 11th of March, 2022 were inaugurated during a ceremony held on April 5, 2022 in the school premises situated at the Essos neighbourhood.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Leopold Fanguem, founding president of the association Sekteura praised the goodwill of the Kindernest foundation who accepted to give its financial support in this project worth 3.500 Euro (estimated cost at 2.275.000 Francs CFA Francs).                                                                                                                                

In his key address, he openly acknowledged the fact that, several challenges are still to be lifted by his association, yet with the little at hand, much has been realized so far.

He said: “I will like to particularly thank the Kindernest foundation who financed the largest part of these works and I really thank them…I promise you that, we are just at the first phase of our work. In the months ahead, we will pursue our task because when the association Sekteura begins something, it always achieves its goals. So, I wish to express my satisfaction and by the way, thanks for the warm welcome granted to me, thanks to all the children who were amazing. Now, I wish and even plead you to keep what was done in good shape because if you are not faithful with little things, you will not be faithful with great things…”

During the ceremony, the opportunity was equally well seized by Catherine Noel Nwaha, Headmistress of the government nursery school of “Essos Marché”, who immensely thank the association Sekteura and in particular Mr. Fanguem Leopold on behalf of her hierarchy and the pedagogic inspector incharge of basic education in the Yaounde 5 district.

According to Mrs. Nwaha Catherine Noel, the gesture of Sekteura and its partner Stiftung Kindernest is more than welcoming. She said the school which is less than 10 years of construction has been dilapidating due to weather effects and today Mr. Fanguem appears as a saviour and even a messiah to rescue the children and teaching staff. The headmistress in her key words equally saluted the quality of work that was undertaken by the team of experts and engineers led by Clovis Kamto.

As underscored by Leopold Fanguem, the association Sekteura is greatly motivated by the desire to help needy, orphans and the vulnerable children and families who have lost hope for a bright future.

The founding president of Sekteura outlined the fact that, they have since the creation of the association in December 2018, managed with the little material and financial resources at hand to support hundreds of pupils, students and children as well as families of the Essos neighbourhood, where the project has been embedded.

“The association Sekteura is a non-profit organization that was created in 2018 with the aim to promote education and health in underprivileged neighbourhoods. And since 2018 we have activities which are of benefit to pupils and students of the primary and secondary education. When we launched our activities, we were only working with pupils and students of primary and secondary schools. This year, we decided to extend it and introduce in the course of our various programmes children of the nursery school in this neighbourhood and reason why we are henceforth working with this nursery school and we decided to undertake some rehabilitation works…” Leopold Fanguem said.

The works executed by local based company, NJ enterprise of Clovis Kamto within a three-week period were centered on: the rehabilitation of rooves, the ceiling, the floor, walls, tile laying in the different washrooms of the children and the teaching staff, the electrification of classrooms, repainting the entire building, chairs, tables and creating and equipping of a restroom for the kids.

Despite the little current means, the charitable association dreams big and wishes to extend its different actions nationwide for the well-being of the poor, needy and those living in total distress.

Elise Kenimbeni

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