Plan International Cameroon & MINADER Seal Partnership Accord to Support, Empower Young Women

The said partnership agreement was signed on Friday, 15th September 2023 in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Photo credit: Plan International Cameroon

As outlined, it is the first ever signed partnership agreement between Cameroon’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Plan International-based bureau.

The main objective of this partnership agreement as underscored by Plan International, is to enhance the revenues of young women and ameliorate their food safety. A laudable initiative that enters within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals.

The ceremony that took place at the conference hall of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on Friday 15th of September 2023, was attended by senior officials of the host ministry, staff of Plan International Cameroon as well as some development and technical partners in this sector.

In his key address, Country Director of Plan International, Mr. Mohamed Bah said this newly signed partnership is very important for their organization in general and in particular in Cameroon, given the tremendous activities which they carry in the field.

Plan International’s Country Director said: “We work a lot in the domain of development, we work a lot with youths and women. We work to advance children’s rights and equality for girls, and vulnerable persons wherever they are. In Cameroon, we have several interventions in various regions that are inclined on agriculture and rural development, reason why we have embarked on this accord with the ministry. It is the ministry that defines the standards and implements the government’s policy. So, for us, to seal such a partnership with the ministry is to accept an effective and efficient collaboration at the national and decentralized levels; contribute to achieving the ministry’s objectives and missions and seize opportunities to have its full support in our different activities…”

Mr. Bah also took advantage of this ceremony to once more salute the government which has always been granting its staunch support to Plan International in the course of implementing its activities on the grounds.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe, praised the new framework agreement as an open opportunity for rural communities.

“Today marks a decisive step in the implementation of our national community development strategy. As you all know, among the development policies and strategies currently reinforced in Cameroon, community development comes across all rural development sectors…The MINADER, Plan International Cameroon framework agreement intends to create a synergy of actions between both institutions in a bid to support and supervise rural actors in the promotion of the following rural development activities: First, implementing community, local, and participatory development projects and programs and secondly, pulling resources, skills and expertise to achieve common objectives.   ” He said.

This partnership accord comes at a moment when the country is facing some crises in regions like the North-West, South-West, and Far-North where several unmet needs such as food are recognized as a universal risk factor for harmful outcomes for children and young people. As food insecurity keeps on rising in affected regions, issues such as child marriage, child labor, physical and emotional violence, sexual violence, and abuse are likely to be exacerbated. This is why Plan International Cameroon and the government through MINADER seek to bring preventive solutions and revamp the well-being of young women via this framework agreement.

About Plan International

Founded in 1937, Plan International is a development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. In Cameroon, Plan International for the past 27 years has worked with over 1200 communities in the Centre, North-West, East, Adamawa, North, Far-North, and Littoral regions of Cameroon. Through its programs and activities, the organization brings engaging and uplifting solutions to the issues faced by children and young people, particularly those who are most excluded.

Plan International strives for lasting and large-scale impact to ensure children, young people, and their communities have access to protection, quality, inclusive education, health information and services, and decent work and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Elise Kenimbeni

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