Promo-Entrepreunariat Network Ponders Mining Job Creation

The parliamentary network for the promotion of private entrepreneurship dubbed “Promo Entrepreunariat” was received in audience on December 16, 2020 in Yaounde by the minister of mines, industry and technological development.

For close to two hours, the parliamentary group led by honourable Roger Melingui exchanged with Minister Gabriel Dodo Ndoke on promising venues opened in the mining and industrial sectors in Cameroon.

Taking the lead, the president of “Promo Entrepreunariat” first made a quick description and presentation of members of the young and dynamic network created on the 5th of June 2020 by an arrêté signed by the speaker of the national assembly. Roger Melingui said the network that brings together MPs and senators is out to curb unemployment through the increase of enterprises and the creation of self-employment.

Honourable Roger Melingui seized the occasion to thank Minister Dodo Ndoke who despite short notice and his busy schedule created room for such a crucial encounter. He equally praised the Head of state’s move in creating SONAMINE, a public enterprise that will develop and promote the mining sector.

At the end of the meeting, he said: “Our focus at this meeting was to get appropriate information from him on what the ministry is concretely doing and the various plans underway. And as parliamentarians, it was an opportunity to thank him and thank the Head of state for signing this very important decision so that we have a tool to make things real. We also had the opportunity to explain what our network is doing. We are convinced that the government can solve the problem of unemployment in our country and this can be done through private entrepreneurship.”

Another point highlighted by Honourable Roger Melingui was the support to be granted to the network by the minister as initiatives have been undertaken to host the first rural entrepreneurial fair of the Kadey to hold from the 3rd to the 4th February 2021 in Batouri, East region.

Minister Gabriel Dodo Ndoke on his part, appreciated the transformative approaches put in place by the parliamentary network “Promo Entrepreunariat”.

“We told to the parliamentarians that at this moment private investment is the key factor in the development of our industrialization master plan. And as you may know, the mining sector is fast growing with great projects that will be developed as from 2021. We equally talked of issues surrounding quality and standards. It is important for local industries to be competitive and to be competitive, they have to enhance the quality of their products.” He said.

As a reminder, several perspectives have been projected in the mining, industry and technological development subsectors as outlined by the Minister recently before the finance and budget committee of the national assembly. The numerous projects undertaken by the government, following the road map prescribed by the Head of State, Paul Biya, will generate funds, boost the country’s economy and help create more jobs.

Gabriel Dodo Ndoke said: “ Today, we dream of a sub-sector in which world-class mining projects such as the Mballam project, the Minim Martap and Ngaoundal bauxite, the rutile of Akonolinga, the iron of Akom II, the small gold mine of Colomines, or the agro-industrial technopole and the digital technopole are up and running.”

According to Henri Severin Assembe, permanent secretary of the network, “Promo Entrepreneuriat” intends to carry-out in the days ahead more activities on the field after a series of sessions on territorial entrepreneurship.










Elise Kenimbeni

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