Three Year Special Youth Plan: Mounouna Foutsou Hands Over Support Materials in the West Region

The ceremony that took place on Friday 13th November2020 in Dschang, West region was chaired by the minister of youth affairs and civic education, Mounouna Foutsou.

All began with the visit of pioneer villages of young entrepreneurs before the official ceremony to handover support materials to young beneficiaries of the three-year-special youth plan (TYSYP) and Reamorce equipment to operational structures of the ministry.

In his welcome address, the mayor of the host town has expressed gratitude on behalf of the population and underscored the stakes and challenges of the TYSYP initiative in his locality made up of many youths with an entrepreneurial spirit. The occasion was then seized by the mayor of Dschang to transmit the gratitude of young beneficiaries of the youth plan to the Head of State through his representative, Minister Mounouna Foutsou.

With regard to the ongoing health pandemic that has caused more harm than good, the mayor of Dschang, Jacky Kemleu said despite the coronavirus that has ravaged the society youths are endowed to work.

On his part, the regional president of the Cameroon national youth council has praised the various initiatives put in place by the government. Nsanu Lionel Neba mentioned the Youth Connekt Cameroon initiative which has connected them to various socioeconomic opportunities. He said youths of the Menoua division are actors of development and national integration.

Youth Connekt Cameroon Ambassador, Françoise Puene who is an elite of the West region took part at the ceremony. She invited youths to be confident and determined in their projects and stressed on some key words that lead to success. Françoise Puene said only hard work and courage can enable young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

« My leitmotiv is to draw others upward, teach them how to be creative and dynamic. Dear youths, there has never been development where jealousy, hatred, pride and egoism reigns. I encourage you to work with an open spirit and share your experiences for that will guarantee your responsibility. » Said Youth Connekt Ambassador, Françoise PUENE.

 She pointed out the fact that the Youth Connekt Cameroon initiative is an opportunity for Youth to do away with the challenges faced in their daily lives. And has encouraged youths to subscribe with the national youth observatory platform, many opportunities are offered to them.

Another success story shared during the ceremony was that of Nde Ndonfack, a beneficiary of the three year special youth plan.

Nde Ndonfack openly expressed and said how he emerges from a moderate family with parents not able to satisfy his aspirations. He began as a mobile shoe mender, going across the streets in search of basic resources to feed on. Yet, he believed in his dreams till he finally saw it become a reality when he benefited from the TYSYP funding. Today, he is a satisfied entrepreneur with spouses highly involved in economic activities. 

One of the natives of the Menoua division presented the balance sheet of activities within the framework of the TYSYP. Alphonse TANKENG made mention of benefits arising from plan as he said close to 38 projects have been financed at the sum of fifteen million, five hundred and fifty three FCFA. 119 direct jobs emerged from the youth plan with the creation of 16 Cluster villages and two pioneer villages.

Taking the stand, the young beneficiaries of the TYSYP promised to exercise professionalism and rigor in the implementation of their projects.

They said: « We promise to be determined, emulate good examples. We shall be models and ambassadors of the Three-Year-Special Youth Plan. We shall always promote Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial values, we swear to create durable jobs, pay our taxes for the emergence of our country. »

As of tradition, the minister has urged youths to make proper use of funds and support materials granted to them. Mounouna Foutsou called on the beneficiaries to exploit innovative sectors, local opportunities that will help in leading their projects towards various potentials the locality is endowed with.

He concluded by calling on all youths to merge their efforts and work together to pursue expected goals.

“For us to meet the desired Goals of the implementation of the three-Year Special Youth Plan, so cherished by Our Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, I urge you to joint all our efforts, to continue to sensitize our youths to register at the National Youth Observatory, to remain focused and mobilized, so as to benefit from this very important plan and contribute to the development of our dear country…” Minister Mounouna Foutsou said.

The officially distribution phase was then launched with cheques granted to beneficiaries of the TYSYP and support materials handed over to those involved in the Reamorce programme of the ministry of youth affairs and civic education.










By Elise Kenimbeni

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