Camwater Reinforces E-Payment As Response to COVID-19 Fight in Cameroon


The Cameroon water utilities corpration (Camwater) has issued a release to create more awareness on its electronic payment of bills.

Added to the current payments through Express Union and bank accounts as often undertaken by customers of Camwater, there is the electronic payment of bills via mobile phone operators.

E-payment of bills reinforced nationwide is one of the measures put in place by the top management of camwater to scale up in its own way the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Leading General Manger of Camwater, Gervais Bolenga and his collaborators have put in place all procedures for a fleunt electronic payment of bills by the consumers.

The payment that are operational through mobile money networks comes in support of government’s 13 measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 indoors. The respect of social distancing is priviledged here by community enterprise, Camwater.

Yet, the customer’s service opened 24 on 24 hours everyday responds to all inquiries at the green number 8121.

As the main supplier and distributor of potable water in Cameroon, Camwater, the public enterprise heads on the multiple challenges to satisfy its customers at all cost.

For recall, the water production, transport and distribution service was added to the portfolio of Camwater’s services on February 20, 2018, by a presidential decree. This decision to transfer the water supply to a public institution was signed after 10 years of unfruitful privatization.




 Elise Kenimbeni

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