21 Days of Y’ello Care: MTN Cameroon & Partners Commit to Empower Socially Vulnerable Communities

Yaounde, Cameroon played host on Friday, June 2, 2023, to the official launch of the 17th edition of the 21 days of Y’ello Care under the concept of “Dining in the Dark.”

Activities in line with this year’s edition of the 21 Days of Y’ello Care have been launched in Yaounde on the 2nd of June 2023, with a Partnership Agreement signed between MTN Cameroon and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

This official launch ceremony organized by MTN through a gala of charity dubbed: “Dining in the Dark” focused on the assistance of vulnerable groups or communities.

Placed under the theme: “Empowering Entrepreneurs to Accelerate Growth and Job Creation within Communities” this 17th edition held at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel was chaired by the Minister of Social Affairs, Pauline Irène Nguene, in the presence of the Minister of Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MTN Cameroon, Mr. Colin Mukete, the General Manager of MTN Cameroon Mrs. Mitwa Ng’ambi and several personalities, partners, and customers of MTN.

Speaking at the gala of charity “Dining in the Dark”, Social Affairs Minister praised the fruitful collaboration instilled between MTN, which is a prestigious international organization, and her ministerial department, to curb the needs and empower socially vulnerable persons.

Madame Nguene Pauline Irène underscored the fact that the Ministry of Social Affairs develops multifaceted partnerships to capitalize on multiple opportunities for the development, improvement of living conditions, and empowerment of people living with disabilities.

The Minister equally expressed her satisfaction, as she shares common views with MTN’s General Manager, Mrs. Mitwa Ng’ambi who saw the importance of setting the pace for a Partnership Accord.

“The effective implementation of this agreement will undoubtedly contribute to the achievement of the main objectives of improving the living conditions of vulnerable groups but also and above all to have a solid human capital capable of supporting the growth. The Government alone cannot meet the huge demands in the social sector.We, therefore, encourage these private initiatives who, like the social work of the First Lady of Cameroon, Madame Chantal BIYA, offer us alternative and additional solutions in the resolution of social cases. We hope to see the signing today of the agreement of partnership bring new impetus to the dynamism of this cooperation. I can assure you that MINAS will spare no effort to give full life to this partnership. You can count on my availability and the commitment of my collaborators to bring to MTN Cameroon all the institutional support necessary for the emergence of new social actions.” Pauline Irene Nguene said.

On her part, MTN Cameroon’s General Manager, saluted the presence of government officials, all key partners who played a vital role in the success of this event.

Mitwa Ng’ambi said: “Great thanks to our guests for their generosity. Thanks to their donations, we will carry out projects with strong impacts that will allow communities to develop and above all to gain autonomy. This is how together we contribute to the progress of Cameroon…”

This dinner of charity permitted to MTN to collect material and financial support estimated at over 75.000.000 FCFA.

Apart from the numerous activities to be carried out nationwide by the leader of telecommunications, MTN, the 21 days initiative is centered this year on: the construction and equipment of a workshop for the production of ecological paving stones made from plastic waste, at the Polyvalent High School of Bonaberi in Douala; the construction and equipment in all 10 regions of training and coworking spaces dedicated to people living with disabilities; the training of young girls from the Incubation Center of the Chamber of Commerce in Douala.

Elise Kenimbeni

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