Cameroon: SEKTEUR A Builds, Equips Essos Public Nursery School with Modern Playground

An official ceremony to hand over the keys of the modern playground constructed by the association SEKTEUR A took place on Wednesday, 7th June 2023 in Yaounde, Cameroon.

For a few days now, the Essos public nursery school situated some kilometres away from the main market of the neighbourhood has been transformed with different colours and looks thanks to the association known as SEKTEUR A.

The Germano-Cameroonian philanthropic association which has been vesting resources on this nursery school has just constructed and equipped a modern playground for the social welfare of pupils. Henceforth, the kids of this public nursery school will have a safe and clean playground where from Monday to Friday during classes they will play.

The official ceremony to hand over the keys of the newly constructed modern playground took place on June 7, 2023, in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Head of the Essos “Marche” neighbourhood, Mr Mono Christophe said the newly built playground will greatly help in the upbringing and full enjoyment of children during the upcoming school year.

He outlined the fact that the kids were constantly kept in classes for security reasons. They could not play freely because of environmental threats and the school which is just beside the main road.

One of the school’s Headmistress, Mrs. Sidonie Samedi Asse Ngono said, the association has brought in a fresh impetus with this modern playground.

“SEKTEUR A is once more coming to help us and we are grateful. This initiative is worthy to be praised because we are guaranteed the security of our children. It is now easy to control and have an eye on them. The kids could not play outside due to environmental challenges…” She added.

Taking the floor, the lead chair of the association, SEKTEUR A, Mr Fanguem Leopold has reiterated his firm support and that of his team to always give a helping hand in the development of the school.

Leopold Fanguem says improving education literacy is one of the key battles undertaken by the association SEKTEUR A since its creation in 2018 in Germany.

He said: “Last year we were here for the official inauguration of rehabilitation works, and we promised to Heads of the school staff to come back. Today, we once did it! A new playground has been constructed for the well-being of our kids who were exposed to all sorts of health issues.”

As a child born and bred in the Essos neighbourhood, Leopold Fanguem who is now based in Germany has always nourished the will to help the poor and underprivileged.

He believes many more impactful actions could be carried out in various neighbourhoods if the financial means are available.

According to Mr Fanguem, these other charitable activities carried out by SEKTEUR A have been realized thanks to its main partner, the “Stiftung Kindernest.”

Created and legalized in December 2018 in Germany, the association, SEKTEUR A has for more than five (5) years now initiated a good number of activities and beneficial actions in Cameroon.

The association has among others: launched the “Realengo” Prize Awards to encourage pupils and students who excel in school; health assistance for needy and vulnerable households in the Essos neighbourhood.

SEKTEUR A keeps on improving and impacting positively the lives of pupils, students as well as underprivileged children and families.

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