Cameroon: transformational leadership underway at the Logbaba district hospital

The Logbaba district hospital is today one of those reference hospitals of the town of Douala, economic capital of Cameroon this in terms of quality service delivery.

The Douala III health district has since 2011 initiated a series of reforms to impact on the different services offered to its patients. Doctor Soffeu Charles, Head of the hospital has recently put in place the CESAR project which has to do with: Change, Engagement, satisfaction, Amelioration and Results. The concept of transformational leadership set up as explained is out to empower and enrich others with knowledge to lead as experimented. The head of the hospital as leader transforms the general supervisor and medical staff as leaders who transform others. The hospital depends on their patients and therefore should understand current and future patients’ needs, should meet the patients’ requirements and strive to exceed the patients’ expectations. The concept which is underway for the past two years has outlined some benefits; ability of the hospital staff to focus efforts on the patients’ problems, providing a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities necessary for achieving common objectives and thereby reducing frustration of the staff, flexibility to react promptly to problems within the hospital, providing people with training in the methods and tools of continuous improvement just to name these few. This form of leadership therefore leaves the patients satisfy and he or she can recommend the hospital to a neighbor or a relative and by the way will lead to the increase in number of patients. Over the past two years, the Logbaba district hospital has been witnessing an increase in number of patients thanks to the malpractices of corruption reduced, additional services and specialists in the fields of ophthalmology, dental surgery and gynaecology. Most striking at the Logbaba district hospital is the enlarged number of patients coming in for prenatal consultations and sexual reproductive problems. Doctor Ngono Modeste, main gynaecologist of this district health center receives a total of 30 patients per day except on Thursdays, day during which he is faced with surgical cases in the theatre. During an exchange with some patients, many have appreciated the quality of service delivery at the level of the gynaecologist saying he is attentive and patient to problems exposed to him. “Doctor Ngono, has already solved to 60 percent my reproductive health problem” outlined Ngo Maguerite one of his patients. He has been following me for one year now as I intend to get pregnant. Apart from consulting us at the hospital, he has a cabinet for his patients who work all day. The system witnessed at the Logbaba hospital is gradually been applied in some local health districts and medical centers in order to set up efficiency in quality health for the development of populations.


By Elise Kenimbeni

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