Cavaye Yeguie Djibril Grabs Another Mandate As Speaker of the National Assembly

Yaounde-Cameroon, March 18, 2021 marked the date of elections at the parliament in Cameroon.

 The election of a new bureau to lead affairs of the national assembly was supervised by the eldest Member of Parliament, Honorable Laurentine Koa Mfegue.

The process conducted in a peaceful atmosphere led to the landslide victory of incumbent Member of Parliament from the Mayo-Sava constituency in the Far-North region.

Cavaye Yeguie Djibril 81, grabbed 147 votes on a total of 162. 8 cards were recorded as null.

Just after his win, the right Honorable thanked all those who voted for him and those who did not, saying he remains a leader of all the parties represented at the national assembly.

Besides Cavaye Yeguie Djibril’s victory, first vice-speaker Hilarion Etong was given 145 voices on a total of 162.

The other deputy speakers were re-elected as well as the questors and secretaries known before.

Speaking to the press, female deputy vice-speaker at the national assembly has praised President Paul Biya, national chairman of the CPDM ruling party.

Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, CPDM’s Member of Parliament from the Fako constituency in the South-west region expressed gratitude stressing much on gender respect and the trust bestowed on women by the Head of state as she maintains her post for the 12th year.

The veteran MP said: “I am so happy because it doesn’t come every day. As a woman I will be serving my 12th year as a deputy vice-speaker. We will follow through government’s reconstruction plan to see where we are because that is what will benefit our people. And of course projects that will bring honour and dignity to women, the girl child and Cameroonians at large.”

In the same vane, CPDM’s Member of Parliament, Honorable Tabot Lawson who was re-elected as secretary in the bureau of the national praised the national chairman of the ruling party.

The hardworking Member of Parliament from the Meme Constituency in the South West region of Cameroon takes a second term as one of the secretaries of the national assembly.

Honorable Tabot Lawson dedicated his re-election to the electorate of the Meme Division notably populations of Kumba.

He said: «I sincerely thank my colleagues of the national assembly. The entire bureau and my humble self are grateful. Above all I thank God.  To my population of Kumba, I am grateful to them for investing me as a member of parliament. I will do my very best to press up on some important projects and to make sure that what has to be done will done. Our preoccupation is the youth. The youths have to be given employment and the women should be granted consideration in anything we do. These are some of my major goals as we go through 2021.”

Member of Parliament of the Cameroon Democratic Union, opposition party on his part sounded bitter at the end of the voting session. Koupit Adamou castigated the mechanisms put in place by the party having the majority of seats in the parliament.

Koupit Adamou said: “It is of no surprise to us! Knowing well the mechanisms of our parliament we saw it coming. Those who are elected at the start of a new mandate in the parliament are obviously re-elected every year for a new term. So, it is not a surprise once more to see right Honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril and those who accompany him are reconducted. We think and believe that one can continue to proceed by putting aside stakes and challenges our parliament. Even when we wish to reconduct some people, the minimum should be for them to present to the electorate their profession of faith and to take an oath. We should be aware of what a candidate is expected to achieve during his mandate at the helm of the national assembly.”

After the election process, MPs are expected as from next week to lay emphasis on the scrutiny of bills that will be tabled during the ongoing March ordinary session of parliament.








Elise Kenimbeni

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