COVID-19 : CAMASEJ Launches Donation of Equipments in the North West Region

The national bureau of the Cameroon Association of English speaking journalists (CAMASEJ) has donated anti COVID-19 kits to the North West  chapter of the association.

Presenting them today May 8th 2020 during a CAMASEJ North West chapter meeting at Blue Pearl hotel in Bamenda, the national secretary general, Wanchia Cynthia and public relations officer, Jato Richard disclosed that the items were secured through a deal with Orange Cameroon. The duo also extended a congratulatory message from the national president, Viban Jude to the chapter for all its contribution to the growth of the profession.

While reviewing the items, Ambe Macmillian, CAMASEJ North West chapter president appreciated the gesture that has to a great extent reawakened hope on members who were hitherto skeptical about the output of the national bureau. Present at the handing over ceremony was also Tayong Fah Elvis, the national adviser of CAMASEJ.

Based on the membership of the North West chapter of the association, the items donated were 3 wash hand buckets, 3 litres of liquid soap, 70 face masks and 70 hand sanitisers. Members were called upon to put the items into proper use so that no one should fall prey to COVID-19.





Fongoh Ayeh (CAMASEJ North West region)

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