Fight Against COVID-19: CAMASEJ Donates to CHRAPA

The Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy(Chrapa) played hosts to many CAMASEJ activities few years back and is still a trustworthy partner of the Media family in the North West.

Reason why the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) deemed it necessary for them to be amongst the structures to benefit from the Covid-19 protective gears comprising of bucket taps, hand sanitizers and a littre of liquid soap, donated by the national office, thanks to it’s partners.

Speaking briefly while handing over the items today May 28th, NW CAMASEJ president Ambe Macmillan said
« We media professionals are not only fighting to protect ourselves. We haveat heart, the interest of our community and partners as well. Chrapa has once serve as a meeting point for CAMASEJ under different leaders and our being here to hand these gears is not a coincidence »

Receiving on behalf of the executive director of CHRAPA, Mr Tohmukum George Nkwain, a paralegal serving with chrapa described the gesture as timely, acknowledging that the gift will go a long way to reinforce proactive measures against the pandemic at the institution.







By Martial Gnoukapasi


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