Guinness Reaffirms Support to Female Football through Her Home Advantage Campaign


It is during a press conference held on Thursday June 24, 2021 in Yaounde that brewery company, Guinness officially presented the campaign known as Her Home Advantage.


As official sponsor of the division one female football championship in Cameroon dubbed: “Guinness Super League”, the company through this campaign comes in once more to support activities of the female football league.


The said campaign was launched through the projection of a 2minute film showing professional footballer, Jacqueline Nsim of Louves Minproff.


Jacques Nsim in the short documentary recounts her story and the dream for her passion which helped her become a professional footballer, and thanks to the support of her mother she was more than ever determined to achieve her dream.


Andrew Ross, General Manager of Guinness Cameroon SA alongside commercial Director, Felicité Ngangue said the move is to encourage more girls playing football to realize their dreams and transcend stereotypes and some believes in our society.



According to Andrew Ross, Cameroon’s female football championship is the second after South Africa to benefit from the sponsorship of Guinness and there are no differentiations in terms of bonuses or other financial packages. The General Manager of Guinness Cameroon SA said this during the press conference in order to clear-off some worries expressed by media practitioners on the allowances attributed to players.



Current lead chair of the Cameroon football federation, Seidou Mbombo Njoya seized the occasion granted to him to once again praise the numerous efforts undertaken by Guinness in order to enhance the female local championship. Fecafoot’s Boss said through this sponsorship programme launched last year by Guinness, much has been upgraded and yet it is a sign that Cameroon has a blend of talents and competencies in terms of football.


On her part, Celine Mendomo Eko, the president of the female football league saluted the initiative which is an added value to activities been carried-out by the league and she said having the unconditional support of the Fecafoot is a great push.


Campaign’s Brand Ambassador, former player Albert Roger Milla equally present during the press exchange underscored the relevance of this move expected to inspire families, communities and other girls who wish by all means to play football but still face some constraints. Reason why, Guinness has associated to the campaign #HerHomeAdvantage the prominent football player, Nchout Ajara. As a role model and success story, the indomitable lioness will help break some hindrances.




Her Home Advantage Campaign


As outlined in the press release by the commercial Director of Guinness Cameroon, Felicite Ngangue, the campaign is out to inspire female generations nationwide. It will act as a boost and help empower more girls, women to take the step forward in order to achieve their dreams. She equally stressed on the fact that, it is time to have the conversation and through this campaign which could be described as the first main phase to challenge girls and women to believe in their dreams, they wish to strike mostly parents’ attention.



With the arrival and support of Guinness, the female tournament-“Guinness Super League” has gotten a new look.

Worthy of note, Guinness Cameroon is the world’s fifth largest Guinness market by volume and the second largest in Africa. And Cameroon is said to be the first Diageo market to produce Guinness Triple black mainstream spirit. An important indication to the numerous actions taken so far by the brewery company in Cameroon.






Elise Kenimbeni

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