National Assembly: Brand New Sports and Beauty Fashion Center Inaugurated


Officially inaugurated on Thursday, July 8, 2021, by Honorable Kombo Gberi, Deputy Speaker at the national assembly, the newly rehabilitated sports center and beauty fashion saloon is situated at hotel des deputes, precisely at the pool side.



The brand new sports center and beauty parlour have been equipped to a high-level standard in order to meet-up the needs of all users notably members of parliament.



The prestigious sports center has all the assets necessary for the body’s health as well as the beauty parlour put in place for both female and male law makers.



Some MPs who took part at the inauguration ceremony praised the gesture of the president of the national assembly.


“I think it’s is a very good idea and as MPs we have to exercise ourselves when we come to Yaounde due to the numerous health challenges. So, it is timely!”


“We have to be physically ready with the intellectual work we are doing at the parliament. It is very important for us to stay in good health. We thank the honourable speaker for his good idea to rehabilitate this place to keep our minds very clear…”


Honorable Petrus Mbede from the Upper Nyong constituency in the East region said:

“My impressions are very good. Through this gift, we know they can only be a good spirit in a safe body. The center is close to us, it is for us the MPs, and we are convened to be regular here. And I think during the upcoming months and sessions we are going to be more performing in our duties.”


Worthy to note, this ceremony later on paved the way to the official putting in place of the parliamentary network for sports and leisure. The network made up of MPs and senators is led by PCRN’s chairman, Honorable Cabral Libii Li Ngue. The post of 1st Vice-president is occupied by Senator Djallo Epse Kalkaba Souadatou. The second vice-president is Honorable Djeumeni Benilde, third vice-president, Honorable Cecilia Dione.



The post of Secretary General is held by Honorable Youmo Koupit. Honorable Ngalle Daniel occupies the post of deputy Secretary General and Honorable Ngo Issi, second deputy Secretary General.


The treasury is handled by Honorable Kwarmba Slanged and Hon. Mpon François Xavier as deputy treasurer. Financial secretaries are: 1-Honorable Tikobau Pierre and Honorable Fandja Gabriel. While at the post of public relations responsibilities have been attributed to Honorable Douvaouissa and senator Lekunze. As advisers: Honorable Nguenkam, Honorable Dague Aicha, Senator Kinyang Nyang Georges, Honorable Ernest Abiassou, and Honorable Bioa Zitha. And special advisers: Honorable Joshua Osih, Honorable Simo, Senator Jean-Marie Mama, Honorable Tabouli Célestin, and Honorable Tabot Lawson.








Elise Kenimbeni

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