ICT University of Cameroon & Turku University of Finland Offer Joint Degrees in Masters/PhD

American based institution specialized in information and communication technologies known as the ICT University together with the university of Turku in Finland have partnered for the well-being of students, especially those willing to obtain their Masters and PhD Degrees in public health.






The joint degrees in Masters and PhD are mainly for students who wish to specialize in public health, epidemiology and Health information technology/E-Health.




According to the management of both prestigious varsities, the program features and benefits are: job security; to be rooted in the core principles and values of public health; dual degree options; study online (with real-life exchanges with faculty); onsite research interactions with research supervisors from Finland or any of the African campuses; impact healthcare in local and global communities.






As one of the major emerging ICT universities in the African sub-region, the purely American education institution offers partial scholarships for students living in developing countries coupled to a variety of field studies at affordable costs.



For more details and applications on the ICT university of Cameroon situated in Messasi, Yaounde click on the following links:

For calls: (+237) 651 06 00 49

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