ICT University of Cameroon: An open Door to International Masters in Business Administration



The ICT university of Cameroon who tops the chart of key leaders in the training of students on information and communication technologies, offers Internationla Masters in Business administration (IMBA).

The leading administration of the American based institution in Cameroon has unveiled this new diploma which offers series of opportunities to students versed in administration and management in general.



The administration has indicated that the will is to enhance global employability.



“Our vision on career development and placements differentiates us from other universities. Obtain your MBA degree from one of the world’s fastest growing universities, top up your learning wherever you are without ever setting foot on campus! 100% Online with flexible course options and academic content curated to be business ready and actionable.”



 As underscored by the administration, it is a blend of business specializations that stimulate successful careers.



To register for this diploma, get more details and apply on the ICT university of Cameroon by following the links below:

For calls: (+237) 651 06 00 49



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