Legislative, Municipal Elections 2020 : Mounouna Foutsou calls for Legitimate Votes in the Mayo-Danay Division

As acting President of the Divisional commission for the campaign in the Mayo-Danay East, minister Mounouna Foutsou has called for a massive mobilization of militants and voters ahead of twin elections billed for February 9, 2020.

In his keynote address, Mounouna Foutsou has challenged his comrades of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) to remain serene, positive in their moves and avoid flinching attacks that may arise from any opposition party.

He said the Mayo-Danay is striving for peaceful and legitimate elections as of tradition.

He insisted on the sense of political engagement, vigilance and devotion to the CPDM party which needs more of a participative approach of its militants during legislative and municipal polls, not giving room to elections’ boycott and rigging, as it appeared through recent calls made by some opposition parties via social networks and other means of communication.

Convinced of the strength of the CPDM in the Mayo-Danay East, Mounouna Foutsou has summoned his people to boost the conscience of militants in all the urban and rural areas.

« Now that the level of insecurity has dropped, our national chairman, President Paul Biya gives us another sound opportunity to express ourselves freely during elections, on the 9th February, through ballot boxes. This awaited event day will be for us, a renewal of the marriage between the Mayo-Danay East and the CPDM».

Proximity campaigns recommended by the Secretary-General of the CPDM central committee will be intensified as outlined by the Divisional President. The aim is to maintain the 3 seats in parliament and 5 councils of the Mayo-Danay East.

Mounouna Foutsou equally praised the remarkable strides made so far in terms of fundraising by the militants. Over 18 million FCFA has been collected during the launch of the hitch-free campaign.

All is set for two weeks intensive campaign alongside two main contesters; UNDP and MDR.




By Elise Kenimbeni

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