“Let’s Reserve a Special Place for Children in the Month of June Every Year”-Pauline Irene Nguene

Social Affairs Minister, Pauline Irene Nguene was speaking on June 1, 2023, in Yaounde during the official launch of the 3rd Cameroonian Month of the Child ahead of the African Day celebration come June 16.

Just like in the press briefing organized as part of activities to launch the 3rd edition of the Cameroonian Month of the Child that will culminate with the celebration of the day of the African Child on June 16, the Minister of Social Affairs during the official ceremony that englobes this one long month activities reiterated the call for child protection.

According to Madame Nguene, these activities are of key priority to the Head of State’s advocacy of Social Inclusion and Justice, with a focus on the social protection of children.

Minister Pauline Irene Nguene said the Cameroonian Month of the Child which is in its third edition has become a core activity for the government. It is a period that calls for the concern of each and everyone in the society.

The Boss of Social Affairs in Cameroon emphasized the fact that the month dedicated to children is more than ever a period of reflection to tackle all the ill, harmful practices that affect their daily lives.

Pauline Irene Nguene stated: “Since 2021, the month of June every year is dedicated to childhood in our country, through the concept of the Cameroonian month of the child.  Far from being a simple period of activities, the Cameroonian month for the child is mostly a vision to develop and promote as well as to get Cameroonians to reserve a special place for children in the month of June every year.”

The month of June as described by the Minister of Social Affairs remains a non-violence month, a month without abuse, exploitation, or negligence of children, and above all a month of reflection on the condition of children, a month of love, prayers, and forgiveness in which most thoughts, actions, and interventions would be focused towards their well-being and full development.

This official launch was coupled with the first session of the national commission for the Protection of Children in moral danger, delinquency, or abandoned children.

During this session, representatives from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, CAMTEL, and ANTIC made some key presentations on the rights of children in a growing digital environment and on digital literacy and its impacts.

It was recalled that more than a hundred million children enroll as new users worldwide. And though digital technologies offer all possibilities to children in terms of skills development, children are exposed to various ills and dangers.

The occasion was equally well seized by the different presenters to highlight some tactics to monitor children through their phones or tablets.

Yet, as underscored by the representative of MINPOSTEL, dialogue is very crucial between parents, tutors, and children.

A song of love, peace, and protection of children was also sung by a group of children known as “la pepiniere d’Afrique.”

Worthy to note, Cameroon will join on June 16, the African community to commemorate the 33rd edition of the Day of the African Child under the theme: “The Rights of the Child in a Digital Environment”.

The Day of the African Child is commemorated every June 16 in memory of the 1976 massacre of Soweto in South Africa, where innocent students were murdered in the course of a protest for their rights.

Elise Kenimbeni

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