Do you need household equipment? You cannot afford them at higher prices but wish to purchase them? No stress, the Mutual Assistance and Solidarity, MASO is the key solution to your problem.

Just register and contribute 100 Francs CFA from Monday to Friday to be amongst the various beneficiaries of the MASO packages.

If your contributions are up to date by the 29th of June 2023 at 4 PM, then you will certainly be amongst the numerous mutualists who will benefit from one of the television sets, refrigerators, chairs, mattresses, gas stoves, etc.

You can decide to go for the MASO CLASSIC option which is refundable and the MASO GOLD option which is not refundable and that gives root to contributions of 500 Francs CFA daily.

Tackling poverty and the precarious living conditions of several Cameroonians remains the main preoccupation of MASO, a product offered by RENAPROV FINANCE S.A.

Note that, the grand draw ceremony of MASO ACT 3 will take place on Saturday 9th July 2023 from 2 PM at the Warda multipurpose sports complex (Paposy), hundreds of mutualists will have the chance to win the various packages offered by MASO.

Be among those who will witness the dream come true of many Cameroonians.

To register call these contacts to get in touch with the MASO management pool:

(+237) 699.44.29.77/ 674.39.27.46/ 695.33.95.03/690 20 28 40, you can equally go to any of the 27 agencies of RENAPROV FINANCE S.A or also to ROYAL FM Radio situated at the Binam white building just opposite Camair-co office in Yaounde.

Here is the audio version:

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