Promoting Social protection: MINAS & RADD Seal Partnership Accord

A partnership agreement has been signed between the ministry of social affairs and RADD on December 14, 2021 in Yaounde Cameroon.

Group photo of MINAS & RADD officials

The ministry of social affairs and the « Réseau des Acteurs du Développement Durable » best known in its French acronym as RADD have officially signed a partnership agreement relating to the monitoring of the social compliance of projects and promotion of the social action of agro-industrial, forestry and mining companies.

 The new partnership accord was sealed during a ceremony chaired by Minister Pauline Irene Nguene, on Tuesday, 14th December 2021 in Yaounde, Cameroon’s nation capital.

The long expected partnership accord signed between both parties represented by Pauline Irene Nguene, social affairs’ Minister and Joseph Clement Mbong, Chairman of the board of Directors of RADD comes to the set the pace for a fruitful cooperation.

Signing of the agreement between both parties

During this ceremony, responsibilities attributed to both parties were stated-out by the Head of the national brigade for the control of social compliance projects in the ministry of social affairs. This brigade ensures that human and social risks are avoided, minimized, mitigated or compensated by complying with the policies, principles, rules and social standards advocated.

 On his part, Joseph Clement Mbong said this new partnership comes in to reinforce the numerous activities carried-out by RADD on the field in order to fight against threats, cases of abuse and injustice which populations face most of the time when giant projects are set up by some big companies.

RADD’s Chairman, Joseph Clement Mbong

“Our action is going to have more impetus on the field and we are going to work harder in order to make enterprises or companies respect the rights of people.” He said

He acknowledged the fact that new projects come in with the creation of jobs and the payment of taxes to the state, yet with contracts signed and clearly defining the role and social responsibilities of these companies are not respected on the field.

As indicated during the signing ceremony by the Minister, RADD becomes a key partner of the ministry thanks to the noticeable activities carried-out on the field.

RADD is an association incorporated in 2009 under Cameroonian law and aims at acting and promoting sustainable development, which is rooted in the valuation, sustainable management of available resources and respect for human and environmental rights. The association’s main objective, is to fight against social and economic injustices that compromise the realization of a project.

According to Pauline Irene Nguene, this new partnership agreement will open venues for more actions to be carried-out in terms of promoting the rights of vulnerable groups and communities often victims of injustices.

Minister Pauline Irene Nguene

She said: “This framework agreement between MINAS and RADD will allow the two parties to collaborate effectively with regard to corporate social responsibility and the management of social impacts generated by agro-industrial, forestry and mining projects and companies. This synergy of skills in the long term could lead to the improvement of the living conditions of the neighbouring populations, by focusing on the following areas of intervention: socio-economic inclusion of persons with disabilities, children in difficult circumstances, prisoners, the elderly, prostitutes, people living with HIV/AIDS (PVV), women who are potentially vulnerable because of their fragile social status (due to socio-cultural burdens), delinquents, indigenous minorities, youth, refugees and displaced persons affected by projects and agro-industrial, forestry and mining companies in the areas concerned; promotion of the rights of local populations affected by the development of agro-industrial, forestry and mining projects and companies.”

Minister Pauline Irene Nguene believes the sun has been set for concrete actions that will help relieve the marginalized communities.

Elise Kenimbeni

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