Cameroon: Laquintinie’s director slides after the koumatekel tragedy

The Director of Laquintinie hospital was sacked on April 12, 2016 following a decree from the Prime Minister.


Dr Jean II Dissongo who has been for the past four years (April 2012-April 2016), Director of laquintinie hospital situated in the economic capital, Douala was sacked following a decree from the Prime Minister, Head of government. He was replaced by Pr Louis Richard Njock, former Director of the annex regional hospital of Edea in the littoral region of the country.
The news that propelled all over the economic city on April 12, 2016 after the announcement on CRTV national station did not surprise many. The now former Director of laquintinie hospital who has been the main target in what many described as the “Monique Koumatekel tragedy”.
Monique Koumatekel aged 31, died with her twins before reaching the hospital, according to the Minister of public health André Mama Fouda. The incident that occurred on Saturday March 12, 2016 sparked anger from the civil society and populations. Several accusations and most of the opinions have been directed towards the Director of the hospital, who according to information ordered the medical staff not to admit into the theatre room the young mother. Demonstrations and protests have surrounded this tragedy which has made echoes all over the world through social networks and media. Monique Koumatekel’s death as well as those of her babies is still surrounded by several questions despite the verdict released recently by the national order of doctors.
Pr Louis Richard Njock therefore inherits a sanitary center of reference blended by several problems and challenges.


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