COVID-19 : Mako Industries brings its support to Cameroon’s Government

During an audience granted to the Executive staff of Mako industries, it has been disclosed that some local products will be made available to fight against coronavirus (COVID-19).

The audience held on March 30,2020 at the ministry of youth affairs and civic education in Yaounde, gave root to new venues that will help boost the ongoing civic education campaign launched to fight against the pandemic disease.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou praised the initiative of this young enterprise. He said the move of Mako industries should be inciteful as government needs more actions from the civil society organizations inabid to positively fight back COVID-19.

Dr Kouatchou, Executive manager of Mako industries said his 6 years-old company is ready to support the government in the current battle. The company is expected to provide amongst others ; masks, toilet tissue, handkerchiefs, biodegradable plastic bags etc.

Dr Vandi, Director of the pharmacy in the ministry of public health said the aid comes at a moment the government is faced with the problem of local production of such products.

He said the initiative of Mako industries is laudable. Yet, the ministry of public health will undertake some inspections on the field in order to measure the standards and quality of  these products.

Taking part at the audience, the High council of Cameroonians living abroad through its President, Dr Dongmo Samuel has announced  a contribution worth 100 million FCFA from the diaspora in the upcoming days.

As one of the missions inscribed in its roadmap, the ministry of youth affairs and civic education  is always greatly encouraging youth entrepreneurship as a means to curb unemployment and create income generating activities.



Elise Kenimbeni

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