COVID-19: Sisterspeak 237 Gives a push in the Fight

As government strives forward to fight against pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), Civil society organisations and other international institutions give a helping hand in these combined efforts. It is the case of Sisterspeak 237.

On behalf of Sisterspeak237, Project Lead-Wanchia Cynthia donated some protective gear to the Bamenda Regional Hospital, in a bid to fight the spread of Covid-19.

The Regional Director – Dr Denis Nsame said these will go a long way to facilitate their work especially as the situation is becoming more complex.

There are still a number of hospitals that are ill-equipped to fight the Covid-19 and this puts the health workers at risk as they are constantly exposed.

According to the director of this health facility, so far, there are 25.000 persons in the North west region who have been screened and the only suspected case tested negative.

Created in 2014 in Bamenda, Sisterspeak237 is an organization that amplifies the voices of women and minority groups in Cameroon. The aim is to train and equip women with the skills and tools needed to tell their stories, and be more visible.



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