COVID-19 : Mounouna Foutsou Leads A Civic Education Campaign in Cameroon


As part of government’s measures to fight against Coronavirus(COVID-19), the ministry of youth affairs and civic education alongside the ministry of public health launched a nationwide sensitization campaign.

In a circular letter addressed to all regional, divisional, sub-divisional delegates and other stakeholders in the ministry of youth affairs and civic education, Minister Mounouna Foutsou initiates a proximity campaign.

According to the circular letter, the door-to-door campaign will help disseminate more information on the recently adopted 13 measures of government and common practices granted to people by the ministry of public health.

The nationwide  civic education campaign targets all the population and will be undertaken in public services, universities and schools’ campuses, neighbourhoods, markets, drinking spots, travelling agencies, with the support of civil society organizations and youth movements inabid to lead a special intensive campaign for the sensitization and protection against pandemic coronavirus.

For an effective coverage of the national territory, youth affairs and civic education Minister has engaged all sub-divisional delegates of his ministerial department to mobilize their staff. Urban and rural mobile mass animation teams(EMAPUR) and community mediators under the leadership of the sub-divisional committees for civic education and national integration(CAECIN), will be upgraded on what is coronavirus ? Its transmission modes and prevention methods prescribed by health experts.

More concrete actions are expected to unfold on the field as : posting of banners, fliers with messages designed by the ministry of public health in english and french ; sensitizing people on the need to have soap and potable water for hand washing as one of the measures outlined by the government; informing and sensitizing people on the existence of a free green number (1510) in case of any suspected victim around them.

The campaign launched by Minister Mounouna Foutsou comes at a time government intensify calls for strict respect of hygiene measures, following increasing coronavirus cases in the country.




Elise Kenimbeni


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