Former Graduates Praise, Testify Quality Education at the ICT University of Cameroon

Former graduates of the ICT university of Cameroon situated at the Messassi neighbourhood in Yaounde have testified and praised the quality of education received years back.




In a video footage, some of the graduates who are good examples of success stories have acknowledged the purely American style of teaching, the quality of equipment and other didactic materials put in place by the management in order to boost practical sessions of students.

Female graduate, Selma Ndi, who is a trained web developer and founder of Data Girl technologies, said ICT university of Cameroon has fully granted her independence and the will to own an enterprise. Selma said at first her plans were to travel to the United States of America in order to further her studies. Yet, she was counselled on the advantages and all benefits to study at the ICT university sub-regional campus.






As the founder and owner of Data Girls technologies which empowers girls on ICT, Selma said she grabbed a lot from her educational journey at the ICT varsity. She said the ICT university of Cameroon is more of a research based institution with distant learning, mentoring and opportunities to the job market.



On his part, Fru Emmanuel who is a pure 2018 product in engineering and who works at the ICT university, has praised the type of curricula, field of studies who are offered to students. He says his proper company has already undertaken a good number of projects in the East region of the country thanks to the expertise and experience acquired at the ICT university.




Fru Emmanuel is convinced that ICT university is not only the place to be but also the centre of various brainboxes in information and communication technologies.


The American based university led by Prof. Mbarika Victor is a certified and accredited school created 10 years ago and recognized by Cameroon’s ministry of higher education.


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