MINAS Explores New Avenues for Promoting the Rights of People Living with Disabilities


Aimed at improving on the protection of rights and actions promoting the rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration of persons living with disabilities in Cameroon, the 2021 session of the national committee for the rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration of persons with disabilities took place on Thursday August 12, 2021 in Yaounde.




The two day meeting organized by the ministry of social affairs was placed under the theme: « Strengthening the legal basis for the protection and promotion of persons with disabilities, a multi sector based challenge for a more inclusive Cameroon in the context of coronavirus pandemic. »



Social affairs’ ministry, key partner of many organizations fighting for the rights of people living with disabilities (PLWD) has seized the occasion of this cometogether to further advocate for concrete actions that will help this category of persons.



Speaking to all participants present at the session of CONRHA, Secretary General in the ministry of social affairs has pointed-out the numerous projects which have been undertaken so far by government for disabled persons.




Mrs. Panje Itoh Beryl said amongst the multiple initiatives launched for the well-being of PLWD, Cameroon has ratified the Marrakech treaty which will facilitate access to documents for disabled persons.


The meeting that gathered several actors engaged in the protection and promotion of rights of PLWD was hosted by the Cameroon Baptist convention health services.


As key implementer of services for persons with disabilities since the 1952, the CBC health services started providing care to physically challenged persons by setting up the leprosy hospital in Mbingo, North-West region of the country. This was highlighted by Zacchs Yongwa, administrator of CBC Etoug-Ebe who spoke on behalf of Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, the General Director of the CBC Health services.



In his key note address he said: “The CBCHS currently supports the education, healthcare, social and livelihood opportunities for children, youths and adults with disabilities in 9 out of the 10 regions of Cameroon. In 2014, the CBCHS became the strategic partner organization of the Liliane Foundation which is enabling her to support over 3000 Children with disabilities to access education in 110 schools all over Cameroon, in primary and secondary schools, as well as university and vocational training centers. We have partnered with schools across all levels to facilitate inclusive education through the training of teachers, inspectors, setting up of a community of practice for IE implementers, supporting the GCE board with equipment to facilitate inclusion in the conduct of examination; construction and equipping of resource centers in government schools, amongst other.”



According to decree n°2018/6234/PM July 26, 2018 reorganizing the national committee for the rehabilitation and socio-economic integration of persons with disabilities (CONRHA), this inter sector based consultative body is responsible for facilitating, coordinating efforts deployed by public authorities, civil society organizations and other private persons in favour of persons with disabilities, and with their participation.



The decree signed by Prime Minister, Head of government has as main duties: the development of the Referential of the Evaluation of Deficiencies and Incapacities of persons with disabilities in Cameroon in 2010, consolidated and revised during the 2020 session of CONRHA ; the taking into consideration of the disability approach by all the sectors in the area of social life as well as sustainable development programmes and projects; the intensification of information and sensibilisation on the concept of the disability approach and inclusive  education; the promotion of inclusive and integrative education with the putting in place of inclusive Schools throughout the national territory and equipment in adapted didactic material in schools and universities, in order to facilitate the education of students with deficiencies ; the collaboration with MINESEC and MINEDUB for the designation of a representative of CONRHA in the committee of books, school books and didactic material ; one of the recommendations of the 2019 session ; the continuation of the development by specialized commissions, of regulatory specific texts and advocacy for the ratification of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of persons with Disabilities was the strong resolution of the last 2020 session of CONRHA.









Elise Kenimbeni

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