Parliamentary Network for Circular Economy Builds Effective Prospects for Cameroon

Members of the parliamentary network for circular economy have been challenged to build a strong force of proposal and set up important issues that will be at the heart of their advocacy talks.

The call was made by Theophile Baoro, second vice speaker at the national assembly as a multi-stakeholder dialogue and capacity-building partnership workshop took place on Wednesday November 18, 2020.

 The workshop being part of the ongoing November session of parliament was placed under the theme:” circular economy: working towards a sustainable future”.

With the covid-19 pandemic hitting the economy worldwide and creating low inputs, the parliamentary network for circular economy (PANCEC) has been reflecting on means that will help in revamping various works of life by partnering with the United Nations.

Honorable Ngala Gerard, coordinator of the network said in his key address that it is imperative to put hands together in order to encourage and favour small and medium sized enterprises.

Ngala Gerard equally mentioned the fact that circular economy has a great role to play at a moment the country is aligned to achieve sustainable development goals and emergence by 2035 as stated by the Head of state, Paul Biya.

 He said: “Circular economy is very important because this is one of the measures put in place to create jobs for the youths and to move the economy of Cameroon to another level. You know well that one of the wishes of the president of the republic is to get Cameroon emergent by 2035 and this could only be done by the decentralization put in place. Now we want to make sure that all decentralized councils are autonomous financially. Councils will make use of circular economy to be make a lot of gains in their communities. Circular economy has come in place in order to create jobs and industries that will help in transforming waste into worth. And make sure that we don’t dump waste onto the land and pollute our environment.”

The Yaounde workshop gave room to discussions on the disposal and management of hazardous waste, the production of brewing industries with some local enterprises like the Brasseries, Hysacam, BOCOM, Foncham international just to name these few.

According to its members, the parliamentary network for circular economy, PANCEC entails to provide sustainable solutions for linear economy which is outdated.

The network created months ago and presented to the public has as main objective to re-invent the parliamentary as well as government’s role in key sectors by prioritizing environmental and climate change issues.









Elise Kenimbeni

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