2015 world postal day: Campost at the helm of festivities in Cameroon

As of tradition, the Cameroon postal services (Campost) has launched a series of activities to mark world postal day celebrated every 9th October. Placed under the theme:”innovation, inclusion and integration: principal factors of success for the future of the post.”


Newly appointed General Manager of campost, Frederic Fenni granted this 7th October, a press conference in Yaounde-Cameroon. During the fifty five minutes exchange with the press, he unveiled the new challenges undertaken since his take over in April 2015. Frederic Fenni said three major challenges are underway: reinforcing basic jobs at the level of campost, upgrading the financial services and the commercialization of the e-post. There has been a slight progression of 25% in the e-commerce sector as he outlined notwithstanding the intensification of partnership agreements with some local institutions and travelling agencies. The postal bank project set up by campost is about to see daylight as announced by the General Manager who seeks ways to revamp this sector almost slumbering. The competitive examination of letter writing is one of the core components highlighted by campost during this celebration coupled with the week of letter writing. The said event launched since 1971 by the universal postal union is aimed at measuring the degree of writing of youths and to promote the zeal for letter writing especially at the era of modern technologies. For the ongoing edition, Frederic Fenni said several laureates have distinguished themselves from the public and schools targeted nationwide for this competition. Girls contrary to boys have emerged to be the best writers under the theme proposed as:” write a letter to yourself at 45 years old.” The occasion was well seized by the General Manager of campost to announce the award of 20 scholarships to the 20 laureates that distinguished themselves for this 2015 edition. They will be rewarded on the 9th October in Yaounde, during festivities that will be presided over by recently appointed Minister of posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libong Li Likeng.

The Cameroon Postal services though has been facing some financial squabbles is taking the path for new challenges.It for this reason that last October 6,2015, has been dubbed: “value day”. The five values of campost which are: proximity, innovation, engagement, consideration and professionalism were under spotlight.

By the Newsroom

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