June Ordinary Session of Parliament Wraps-Up with a Call on Collective Responsibility



As highlighted by the speaker of the national assembly in his closing speech, the June ordinary session of parliament was marked by the adoption of 7bills, sessions dedicated to the budget orientation and four special plenary sittings centered on: water and electricity shortages, land reforms, universal health coverage and covid-19 vaccination campaigns and the development of arts and culture.


The official closing ceremony held on the 7th of July 2021 in the house chamber of the national assembly was the occasion to make a retrospective look at salient issues that animated the tight and full month session.


Speaker of the national assembly, Honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril said the debate on the orientation of the budget enabled members of parliament and officials of the ministry of finance to exchange views.



“It is by virtue of the debate on the orientation of the budget which was initiated in 2019 that the nation’s representatives can now make proposals for the preparation of the state budget…” He said.


In his address, the right honourable stress on two major challenges which call for a collective action. The need to meet the challenge of eradicating the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to meet the challenge of hosting the Africa cup of nations in 2022 as he said.


It was therefore, as he indicated, the right moment to appeal for civic responsibility due to the threats of the Covid-19 which are still well felt and observed in our country.



Cavaye Yeguie Djibril said: “I would, therefore like to reiterate that getting vaccinated has at least four advantages: to be vaccinated is to protect yourself; to be vaccinated is to protect acquaintances; to be vaccinated is to reduce the spread of Covid-19; lastly to be vaccinated is to protect Cameroon, our beloved and beautiful country, against a new variant of the Covid-19 pandemic. These four advantages of vaccination against the Covid-19 should henceforth spur you to get vaccinated. I am, therefore, appealing to the conscience, patriotism and civic responsibility of all and sundry. Covid-19 is real. It is claiming lives the world over. We all have the binding duty and collective responsibility to bar the way to Covid-19 and get vaccinated.”



Concerning the second challenge cited in his speech, the speaker recalled the dates of hosting of this highly expected African jamboree. The hosting of the 2022 Total AFCON according to the President of the national assembly calls for a sense of unity and togetherness for its success.


He said: “With regard to the Total AFCON, it should be recalled that it is with the express approval of the Head of State that Cameroon is hosting this Pan-African competition from January 9 to February 6 2022. We are just a few months away from the start of Total AFCON in 2022. To say that the competition is for all Cameroonians, is stating the obvious hosting of Total AFCON in our country should boost everyone’s ego. So, we must, more than ever before, give our unreserved support. Ministeries and all the other stakeholders should all play their role to make the competition a success story.”



The session ended up with the award of medals to seven law makers, in recognition of services rendered to the state. Honorable Alioum Fadyl, Honorable Silikam Isabelle, Honorable Dooh Collins, Honorable Nanga Mefant, Honorable Joshua Osih, Honorable Ndzie Franck Eric and Honorable Salmana Amadou Ali.



Elise Kenimbeni

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