Pressure mounts on Cameroon’s government as calls to release Mimi MEFO intensify

Journalists, politicians and civil society organizations have expressed anger on the case of investigative journalist and popular blogger Mimi MEFO remanded in the New Bell prison.



Since the detention of Mimi MEFO TAKAMBOU on Wednesday night at the Douala New Bell prison, many journalists across the country are asking for her immediate release. They have voiced out their anger against the government of President Paul Biya.

The Cameroon association of English speaking journalists (CAMASEJ) has issued a release calling on the government who is entering into a new era with a call for an improvement in the practice of democratic principles. The national bureau of CAMASEJ has underscored the fact that the press has never been an enemy to he who does his work correctly, but an ally. The acts imposed on Mimi MEFO during her arrest forty eight hours ago were harshly condemned. “She was not only dragged to her cell but taken along hand-cuffed as if she was a hardened criminal.”

CAMASEJ just like the Committee to protect Journalists (CPJ) and the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union (CJTU) are mounting pressure on the government of Biya. The CJTU has issued a 10 day boycott of government’s activities. No journalist of the strong-hold syndicate headed by Denis Nkwebo is permitted to cover events organized by the government. The unfair treatment of the press in the country sparks anger. The CJTU says journalists must be respected. There is no way to accept intimidation in the course of their duty.

Politicians such as Ni John Fru Ndi of the social Democratic Front (SDF) is calling on Cameroonian journalists to stand for their Rights. He has vouched his support to journalists in their struggle against the brutality regime of Mr Biya. Maurice Kamto, current main opposition leader has challenged government to free the young talented journalist. He said it is an abuse. Espoir Matomba, one of the opposition leader and first secretary of the PURS party has confirmed his support to the press. He met the detained journalist on Thursday November 8, 2018.

The local network for Human Rights known in its French acronym as REDDHAC has equally issued a press release, calling the government to free Mimi MEFO.

Journalists and activist groups in the country are leading the battle through social networks. On twitter, the move has been spread worldwide with tweets and hashtags such as: #WestandforMimi   #FreeMimiMefo   #JournalismIsnotAcrime.

The popular blogger and investigative journalist working for Equinoxe radio/TV in Douala will appear for the first time before the military court next November 12, 2018. She is been accused of propagating fake news following her recent tweet on late American missionary who died in Bamenda-North West region.



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