AFBC Elite Championships 2023: Team Cameroon Grabs 12 Semi Finals Tickets

As the competition enters day 4, the team of Cameroon successfully secured 12 tickets for the semi-finals stage.

Photo credit: Guy Tchapi

The 2023 edition of the Africa Elite Men’s and Women’s championships holding at the multipurpose sports complex of Yaounde unfolds with giant steps made by the team of Cameroon.

A total of 12 boxers in different categories have passed the quarter-finals stage of this competition after the tight battle.

In the women’s championship, we can cite: Ngoune Reine Laure (50-52 Kg Fly), Dorine Stephane Mambou (54-57 Kg Feather), Jeanine Mbala Amboki (60-63 Kg light),

As concerns the men’s categories, there are Jean Junior Messi Elime (63.5-67 Kg Welter), Issouhou Mouhaman (48-51 Kg Fly), Mengue Ayissi Albert (67-71 Kg light middle), Martial Wouang (46-48 Kg minimum), Zacharie Serge Mvogo Amougou (92+ Kg super heavy).

Female boxer, Dorine Stephane Mambou has expressed the will to win a gold medal by moving out of the competition with a clean sheet. Same for, Mengue Ayissi and Serge Amougou who believe in their skills as well as their trainers who have the best tips to lead them to victories.

Photo credit: Guy Tchapi

According to Alain Didier Ngatcha, deputy head coach of the team of Cameroon, the results are quite satisfying though there is the will to grab several gold medals in these championships compared to the last games in Maputo, Mozambique where they grabbed two gold medals in both men and women’s categories.

“Our objective is to transform these silver medals that we have so far acquired into gold medals. We are at home and we want to show our prowess…” He said.

With the outing of Alain Christian Sangue(57-60 Kg light) on wednesday 2nd August 2023, hopes faded and the Cameroon team lost its qualification ticket for the semi-finals in this category.

Jean-Paul Mognemo, head coach of the team on his part acknowledged the fact that these championships are of a high standard with tough opponents, and some of his athletes are entering into the ring of an international competition for the first time.

Coach Mognemo Jean Paul cited the case of young boxer, Ngon a Ngon Brandone who is still working on his psychological aptitudes. He added that, with the help of the technical team, the young boxer will be trained to develop the zeal to win when on stage and battle with all the heart.

The semi-finals competitions that begin on Thursday 3rd August 2023 will bring once more into the ring different boxers with a total of 24 encounters that will be disputed.

For these first semi-finals that are scheduled under sessions 8 and 9, team Cameroon in both the men’s and women’s championships will be represented by Ngoune Reine Laure, Dorine Mambou, Martial Wouang, and Jean Junior Messi Elime who will carry the green, red, and yellow colours of Cameroon.

Elise Kenimbeni

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