Health Assistance: SEKTEURA partners with SOS Medecins in Cameroon

Close to 20 needy children will in the days ahead benefit from a free of charge health assistance and treatment in Cameroon.



This health assistance and treatment comes as a fruitful result of a newly signed partnership and subscription between non-governmental organization known as SEKTEURA and “SOS Medecins du Cameroun (SMC)”.


The number of children to benefit from health assistance and treatment will be enlarged depending on emergencies and resources. The will expressed by SEKTEURA is intended to go a long way in order to relieve many underprivileged children living under poor health conditions in Yaounde, Cameroon’s nation capital.


The health package to be offered for a 12 month renewable period has been enclosed in a personalized content dubbed “SOS Modulo”.


According to information gotten from the subscriber’s file, SOS Modulo’s content will among others, lay emphases on: free medical consultations in office; free examinations and treatment of malaria, typhoid, deworming; gynaecological consultations, eye consultations, systematic visits once a year; permanent health assistance; annual check-up of hypertension, anemia, hepatitis; sessions of health education and promotion every 3 months, just to name these few.


As henceforth one of the key subscribers of SMC, SEKTEURA agrees to systematically and promptly request the advice of her partner in the event of any health concern.


The paid subscription underscores a good number of guidelines to be respected by both SEKTEURA and SMC.


It has been agreed that, prescriptions and health bulletins covered are mainly those prescribed by a doctor of the team “SOS Medecins”; the various examinations will be carried-out at the headquarters of “SOS Medecins Cameroun” in Yaounde and prescriptions and examinations to be carried on have been fixed according to the mercurial of SMC.


SOS Medecins Cameroun has in the same vane agreed to mobilize all the resources at her disposal to best serve the interests of SEKTEURA, according to commitments outlined in the subscription file.


Lead chair and founder of SEKTEURA, Leopold Fanguem says the move is to help in great number poor children who have no or little access to health care. And because health is a state of well-being, his organization is more versed in granting as usual care and education to the underprivileged.


The Cameroonian born philanthropist who has suffered hard times during his childhood believes there is need to grant a chance to vulnerable people with the few resources they have at hand.


Leopold Fanguem who has learnt from the harsh times, states that: “I left the neighbourhood, but the neighbourhood did not come out of my heart.”



Created in December 2018 in Germany, the non-governmental organization, SEKTEURA has in the space of two years made some strides in the humanitarian domain nationwide.


Through her local representatives, Clovis Kamto and Jean-Marc Noubissi, SEKTEURA has so far organized micro-projects to empower young people, recreational activities and refreshal courses for children of the primary levels and most importantly handed-over prizes to outstanding pupils and students in its traditional Realengo Prize awards.



The founding president believes children are the future of a nation, reason why investment should be accentuated on those in dire need.



Elise Kenimbeni


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