Back to School 2023-2024: SEKTEURA Stands Beside Needy Children & Families

Over 30 pupils and students have been granted sets of didactic materials ahead of the 2023-2024 back to school.

As of tradition, the international association known as SEKTEURA has organized the “Realengo Prize”. The “Realengo Prize is an annual compensation programme targeting orphans, children from needy and vulnerable families who have registered good performances during the school year.

At the Essos neighbourhood in Yaounde, Cameroon’s nation capital, where the association has recorded several philanthropic actions, the 7th edition of the Realengo Prize was launched.

Thanks to persons of goodwill and the founder of the association SEKTEURA, sets of didactic materials were handed over to more than 30 pupils and students. The laureates were officially compensated and celebrated as well during a ceremony that took place on August 27, 2023.

Books, textbooks, school bags, boxes of chalk, pens, and pencils just to name these few items were handed over to pupils of the nursery school, those in classes 1 to 6 in the Anglo-Saxon subsystem education; Sil to Cours moyen 2 in the francophone subsystem education and to students of 6eme to Terminal.

Added to the didactic materials as it is always the case, the founder and promoter of the association SEKTEURA, Mr. Fanguem Leopold has granted examination and university fees to pupils and students who are part of the Realengo programme. The examination and university fees range from 5000 to 50,000 Francs CFA depending on the various classes.

Audrey Tchanda, one of the beneficiaries, said thanks to SEKTEURA, she will not stress much about her university fees, as school resumes next October. The young female student equally acknowledged that the 50,000 Francs CFA received from the international association was a relief to her parents.

The 7th edition of the Realengo Prize just like the previous ones had an informative session on the agenda. This year’s session focused on the role played by parents in the success of their children in school.

In order to sensitize parents and children as well as local authorities and guests invited, SEKTEURA in partnership with IDAY Cameroun made a presentation on the topic and shared best practices with parents, pupils, and students.

Speaking on behalf of the President of IDAY Cameroun, the technical adviser of this network of organizations specialized in education said the aim of this presentation was to help parents use the appropriate methods or strategies in the follow-up of their kids.

Georges Adarayel Youssoufa said most parents fail in the education of their children, simply because they have abandoned their roles as main educators and think 100 percent of the tasks are covered by teachers in school.

The 40-minute session ended up with several positive contributions registered and later followed a quiz session to test the abilities of the participants.

According to Emile Billy Tchoufac who represented the founder of the association SEKTEURA, the theme chosen for this year’s edition comes in to recall to parents their contributions to the success of their children. He pointed out that SEKTEURA has free-of-charge activities and programs put in place by the founder.

Mr. Tchoufac outlined the fact that SEKTEURA offers breakfast on a daily basis to pupils and students of the Essos neighbourhood; the association has a group of young tutors who monitor children registered within the Realengo programme and also grants health assistance to some families.

The initiative launched several years ago by the founder and promoter of the association SEKTEURA is mainly aimed at revamping needy children and vulnerable families who aspire to a better future.

Worthy to note, SEKTEURA is an international association created in December 2018 in Germany by Cameroonian-born Leopold Fanguem.


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