Cameroon’s Alexandre Song Commits Himself to the Cause of Central African Refugees.

The Cameroonian football star Alexandre Song visited different refugee Camps in the East and Adamawa regions of Cameroon, from 03 to 06 June 2019, to meet with Central Africans who had sought refuge in the country.

By the side of these UNHCR’s persons of concern in the Borgop, Gado and Lolo camps. The sportsman had the opportunity of witnessing first-hand the challenges they face on a daily basis, and having conversations with the most vulnerable of them all.

Particularly  touched  by  the  issue  of  early  pregnancies  and  marriages, Alexandre Song made a vibrant plea to adults, calling on them “not to let anyone steal the childhood of [our] children.”

Visiting the schools, health centres, with partner NGOs and local authorities, he equally took time to have discussions with the people who in their day-to-day  undertakings, ensure  the  utmost  best  in  assisting  the  refugee population.

For  some  months  now,  Alexandre  Song,  has  placed  himself  and  his popularity at the service of refugees by becoming « UNHCR High Profile Supporter ». Since the beginning  of  the  year,  he  equally  visited  urban refugees living in Yaounde and Douala, while waiting for the opportunity to be able to pay a visit to Nigerian refugees in the Far North region of Cameroon.

More  than  280,000 Central African Refugees have sought refuge in Cameroon, mainly in the country’s East and Adamawa regions, where the drastic reduction in funding seriously limits the work of humanitarian actors.

In total, Cameroon is host to close to 400,000 refugees with the majority of them coming from the Central African Republic and Nigeria, still grappling with increasing violence.

  From UNHCR Cameroon

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