ICT University of Cameroon Disburses 600 Million FCFA to Fund Students’ Ventures



Lead chair of the ICT University in Cameroon, Pr. Mbarika Victor recently made the announcement on the national television as government and the American based institution signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).




The MoU signed by Pr. Mbarika Victor and the Minister of higher education, Pr. Jacques Fame Ndongo enters within the framework of a fruitful collaboration established between the ICT and government since 10 years now.




Pr. Mbarika said the ICT specialized school will invest USD $1 million (about 600 million FCFA), in the coming years to fund its students’ entrepreneurial ventures. According to the managing staff of the American based institution in Cameroon, new businesses by ICT University students will henceforth be funded as the varsity produces job creators, and not just job seekers.







Pr. Mbarika said: “I will be glad if the government gives them jobs…I don’t want ICT University to be a burden to the government. We want to produce people who will produce jobs. We can’t depend on the government for all jobs!”




Secretary General in the ministry of higher of education, Pr. Wilfried Gabsa, speaking on behalf of the head of the Minister said, the initiative is laudable and needs to be further boosted as it is the domain of ICT, which today is a key tool in our modern societies.



The government on its part is expected to hand-over PB HEV laptops to students of the ICT University.



The ICT University of Cameroon being the place to be, keeps emerging thanks to the quality education and equipment put in place by the administration. or 

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