Mounouna Foutsou sets the pace for 54th Youth Day Activities in Cameroon

Leading a delegation to Mintom, South region of Cameroon, the Minister of Youth affairs and civic education, Mounouna Foutsou officially launched on February 1, 2020, the 54th edition of the youth day.

The launch in Mintom was aimed at setting the pace for the 11 days of youth celebration known as « onzaine de la jeunesse », that runs from February 1st to 11th under the concept dubbed ‘youth village’ and unveiling the theme of the 54th Youth day being: “Youth, peace, decentralization, and participation in local governance for a new Cameroon”.

Mounouna Foutsou, in his keynote address to the youths, called for a sense of responsibility, entrepreneurship and to build peace.

He said young people should seize opportunities offered to them by the Head of state notably the recent youth connekt initiative that has fruitful benefits and highlights role models.

Youth day activities, as underscored by the minister is a period devoted to the celebration of young people and mostly a moment of reflections and engagement to move forward the country’s development agenda.

Weeklong activities of the 11 days’ fair shall include: Youth chat online, U-Report, youth connekt space, socio-economic opportunities fair, Diaspora youth entrepreneurship days, citizenship and national integration activities, promotional fair of youth initiatives and creativity, activities to promote voluntary commitment, socio-cultural activities and sporting activities

The choice of Mintom as a place of kick-off resides on its economic, agricultural and socio-cultural aspects. The locality is situated in the Dja and Lobo Division, South region of Cameroon, 215 kilometers away from Sangmelima, with a surface area of 11,235 Km2.



By Elise Kenimbeni


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