MTN Foundation Provides Potable Water to the Population of Mazare, Far North Region

A ceremony to officially hand over a potable water access point to the population of Mazare, Moutourwa council in the Far-North region took place on May 16, 2023.

Thanks to the MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation in Cameroon, over 700 inhabitants of the Mazare locality of the Moutourwa council in the Far-North region of Cameroon will now have free access to potable water.

An official ceremony to hand over the newly constructed borehole took place on May 16, 2023, and was chaired by Mr. Nguele Boris, 1st Deputy Senior Divisional Officer of the Mayo-Kani Division in the presence of Representatives of MTN Cameroon, and Local Authorities.

The Mazare population massively turned out to witness this historic event that comes in to save their lives, as access to drinking water is challenging.

As indicated, the borehole provided to the Mazare community is a potable water access point made of an immersed pump, supplied with solar energy thanks to photovoltaic panels placed above the water tower tank.

The water made available by this donation from the MTN Foundation will also enable families to fight against insalubrity and waterborne diseases with regard to the current threats of cholera.

The newly inaugurated borehole will ease the very long distances covered in the past by the people who suffered to obtain the precious liquid.

This humanitarian aid is within the context of support for the development of our communities, a real national priority that seeks to ease access to potable water in the Far North region, which according to statistics is the area with the most acute problems of access to water, and that was reported during the last cholera epidemic to be one of the most affected regions by the disease.

Facilitating access to drinking water is more than a priority and key intervention domain by the MTN Foundation for the hospitable population of the Far North. Another intervention priority is the development of a robust and impacting digital ecosystem to ease the empowerment of young people and women as well as access by a greater majority to inclusive and quality education

Jean Mbindi, Mayor of the Moutourwa council warmly appreciated the action carried out by MTN and said the company has been a great support of the installation of a 4G network antenna.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Yelle, one of the members of the development committee of Roum, a village located in the Moutourwa council said the initiative is worthy to be praised as it has completely transformed the lives of over 700 inhabitants.

In his key address, Mr. Nguele Boris said: “The Mayo Kani Division is grateful to the MTN Foundation for its works which have revolutionized the daily living of the populations of Moutourwa and particularly welcomes the involvement of this private sector player in supporting national development priorities.”


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