Cameroon : NDES Foundation Knocks Out Coronavirus

Humanitarian based organization known in its accronym as NDES Foundation has launched in Cameroon a free distribution operation of 2000 face masks.

Teams of volunteers have carried out the distribution of face masks in hospitals, orphanages, elderly centers and streets as a move to fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The operation launched on April 30,2020 has been holding in various areas of the country with as targets : internally displaced persons (IDPs), pregnant women, street children and Orphanage care providers.

On Friday 08th May, 2020, volunteers of NDES foundation communed with elderly persons of the Logbaba neighbourhood in Douala. It was an ocassion to bring a smile on the faces of these elderly who are most of time abandoned by their families and relatives.

Tackling COVID-19  has been one of the challenges of this non-profitable organization that has so far taken measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Buea, South West region. The organization has granted cartons of soap and 80-litres’ buckets for hands washing to three orphanages and the rehabilitation Institute for the Blind in Buea.

Beneficiaries have been identified in key communities, in the Littoral, North West, South West, West and Adamawa regions of Cameroon. NDES Foundation has in addition carried out donations in hospitals and orphanages of some main towns like Douala, Buea, Bamenda and Bafoussam. A team of volunteers has been constituted in each of these towns in order to lead the distribution phase of  face masks to the targeted beneficiaries. 

According to information, the foundation has partitioned the donation as follows : Yaounde 600 pieces of masks, Douala 600, Buea 200, Bamenda 200 and Bafoussam 400.

The charity based foundation implanted at Mile 18 Bomaka, in the outskirts of Buea has carried out since its creation in July 2019, a series of humanitarian activities that have included the award of scholarships and educational materials to over 60 orphans from four orphanages in Buea.

Again, NDES Foundation as a charity organization has equally provided financial assistance to close to 50 kidney failure patients of the Hemodialysis center of the Regional Hospital in Buea.

As part of its missions, NDES foundation strives to meet up the needs of the underprivileged and vulnerable groups. This, through empowerment and the provision of technical, material and financial assistance that help improve their overall health situation as well as their access to quality education with the aim to achieve self-development and economic emancipation

‘Lead coordinator’ of NDES foundation, Stanley Enyih Nde and relatives say they will keep pursuing this move that has been set up to pay tributes to their late parents, Elisabeth and Zacharia Nde who died on the 31st of December 2017 and January, 6, 2018 respectively.



Elise Kenimbeni

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