Social Affairs’ Ministry to Operate in 2022 with a Budgetary Allocation of 13 Billion FCFA

Minister of social affairs, Pauline Irène Nguene defended on December 2, 2021 the budgetary allocation of her ministerial department for the 2022 financial year.

The Minister of social affairs, Pauline Irène Nguene appeared before members of the finance and budget committee of the national assembly on Thursday 2nd December 2021, in abid to defend the budget allocated to her ministerial department.

A total amount of thirteen billion three hundred and four Million (13.304 000 000) FCFA was allocated to the ministry of social affairs. The budget broken into two parts includes the running budget worth FCFA and the investment budget standing at 4.860.000.000FCFA.

Pauline Irène Nguene within close to 30 minutes unveiled to the team of Honourable Rosette Ayayi Moutymbo the major aspects that make up the budget of her ministerial department for the 2022 financial exercise.

As outlined in the presentation of social affairs’ patroness, Pauline Irène Nguene, the running budget has been apportioned accordingly to the three main programmes stated in the 2022-2024 medium term expenditure framework and which will be pursued in 2022 by her ministry.

The ministry of social affairs will accentuate its activities on key issues like: social protection of the child; social protection of people living with disabilities; social protection of older persons; promotion of national solidarity; fight against social ills; assistance to socially maladjusted and other vulnerable persons and not putting aside the improvement of working conditions.

In a bid to provide a better local support to socially vulnerable persons, new Technical Operational Units (Social Centres and Social Action Services) have been created and budgetary allocations made available to them. In addition, all the Technical Operational Units have seen their resources reinforced. And by the way, particular emphasis will be laid on care delivery to displaced persons in the North-West, South-West and Far-North Regions through field structures.

Concerning the investment budget of the ministry, it will be centred on innovative and pending issues as: the continuation of the upgrading of the technical platform of the Cardinal Paul Emile LEGER National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (CNRPH) of Yaounde; the construction of a Reception and Transit Centre for Socially Vulnerable Persons in Mfou(outskirts of Yaounde); the continuation of the implementation of the construction works of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Persons with disabilities in Maroua; the continuation of the upgrading of the ICE of Maroua; the organisation and management of assistance to the needy through the devolution of powers to the regions and councils; the acquisition of equipment for the computerisation of the national disability card; the acquisition of computer equipment for the establishment of the Unified Social Register; the improvement of the working conditions through the continuation of works and the rehabilitation of social structures as well as the acquisition of computer hardware and equipment and the physical and legal demarcation of some plots of MINAS land.

The draft budget for 2022 as underscored by the Minister of social affairs, reflects the entire social policy of the Head of state, President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

Elise Kenimbeni

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