Bambili Water Project: Close to 77 Million FCFA Injected, Hon. Agho Oliver Monitors Smooth Running

Close to 77 Million FCFA have been injected by Elites of the North-West region in order to concretize the Bambili water project estimated at 600 Million FCFA.

Natives of Bambili alongside other sons and daughters of the North-West region gathered on Saturday, 4th December 2021, during a fundraising ceremony organized by the Mbeligi Cultural and Development Association, MBECUDA.

The initiative lauded by many was a great success thanks to key actors like His Royal Highness, Fon. Afungchui III, Eric Adangfung, President General of the Bambili Cultural and Development Association and by the way current General Manager of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority, UNVDA and Honourable Agho Oliver, Member of Parliament for the Bafut-Tubah constituency.

His Royal Highness, Fon Afungchui III

As stated by the organizers, the aim of this grandiose rally that took place at the esplanade of the Bambili Royal palace, was to raise a significant amount of money that will lead to phase II of the giant Bambili water project. The overall project cost estimated at 600 Million FCFA is expected in order to relieve populations and students of this locality.

Young and energetic Member of Parliament for the Bafut-Tubah constituency, Honourable Agho Oliver, despite his tight agenda currently marked by the November Ordinary session of parliament dedicated to the adoption of the 2022 state budget, actively took part in this milestone.

Honourable Agho Oliver(The Bambili Hunter)

Honourable Agho Oliver whose core activities are centred on the well-being of the people, has once more demonstrated his philanthropic attitude in striving for this project to become a dream true.

BTO, “The Bambili Hunter” as dubbed by the Fon has granted the sum of 300.000FCFA, an act applauded by his people.

MP, Honourable Agho Oliver while steering the fundraising ceremony rallied friends, persons of goodwill as part of a move to boost the pending project.

MP for Tubah-Bafut

Adolphe Lele l’Afrique, North West region’s Governor, on his part boosted the projected with the humble sum of 100.000FCFA while the Senior Divisional officer for Mezam donated an envelope of 200.000FCFA, promising government support.

Bambili’s royal basket carried the huge sum of 250.000FCFA granted by Fon Afungchui III.

In a meantime, supportive actions came in from the spearhearder of this event, Eric Adangfung who contributed the sum of 500.0000FCFA, while Tubah’s Mayor, Tanjong Martin offered the sum 1million FCFA and pledged close to 46 Million FCFA on behalf of the Council.

Other contributions registered during the fundraising event were from Minister Paul Atanga Nji of Territorial Administration, who supported the project with an envelope worth 600,000 FCFA, Minister Delegate Felix Mbayu in charge of cooperation with the commonwealth, who gave 100,000 FCFA, Mr and Mrs Tamajong who chipped in 100,000 FCFA, Mr Monju Johnson Vishi, 100,000FCFA, Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence of Bafut who donated 25.000 FCFA, Mr and Mrs Justice Malegho who donated 500,000 FCFA and Madam Jessica Newi Lengha, 100.000FCFA.

The highly awaited Bambili water project as outlined by Elites will not only satisfy the needs of the natives, yet will play a key role in the supply of the precious liquid to the close to 30 thousand students of the university of Bamenda.

Elise Kenimbeni

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